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6. Closing, April 30 - May 6 2012


Week 11
Learning Circle teachers and students complete Survey and post a goodbye message.
Official closing of the Learning Circle by facilitator. 

OL21, South Africa, Hope School

Hey guys

Its goodbye again.

It was fun working with you on this Olympics topic. We learned a lot by the research that we had to do for all the questions and also the answers to our own question. We are now the specialists on the Olympics in our school!

We hope that we may work with you again on a topic in a learning circle, maybe next year?

Cheers from South Africa

From the Athletic Minds

Sifiso, Kabelo, Siyabonga, Onca, Luke, Tsepang, Knowledge, Samkelo and Kwakhe from Hope School and Amber from Jeppy Girls High.



Hi every one. This was a very educational learning circle. The students really enjoyed this topic and the research that went into it. A few schools seems to have had challenges with holidays and so on including us, but the questions were very interesting to the learners and they enjoyed getting other countries points of view in what was mostly well researched and thoughtout answers to our question. Thank You for that.

Hoping to meet you again in a future learning circle.

Louise, Leon and Gheran.




OL22, Ghana, Morning Star School Limited

Goodbye Messages



So soon we've come to the end of another session. Though its been challenging combining this and academic responsibilities, we appreciate being part of the family.


It's been a pleasure learning with people from different parts of the world.


 We wish you well in all your endeavors.


We'll hopefully meet again next time.




OL23, Romania, National College Grigore Moisil

Goodbye Messages


At the beginning of this project we were quite scared, because it was for the first time when we were taking part in such a competition.

The subject ‘Olympics Games’ is a wide one, however we didn’t know much about it, just minor stuff, nothing serious.

Elaborating the questions and later answering the questions of our colleagues from other countries helped us to acquire new knowledge and see the true purpose of the ‘Olympics Games’.

These Games not only show the skills of the best athletes from all over the world, but also get us closer as people and establish new connections, just like we got closer in this project, discovering things about the countries that take part in the project.

‘The Olympics Games’ is a celebration where all nationalities become one and where all enjoy the accomplishments, but also the losses.

In the end, we thank you for having the chance to take part in such a competition, to find interesting stuff about the Olympics Games and to change reviews with students from other parts of the world.


Best wishes from The National College Grigore Moisil, Bucharest, Romania.







OL25, Ukraine, Schors District Gymnasium

Goodbye Messages

Dear friends!

We really enjoyed our common work.We've learnt much about Olympic games and hope to see you at next GTP sessions.


Best wishes for coming summer holidays!

Schors District Gymnasium 

OL27, Romania, Székely Károly Technical School

Goodbye Messages


Dear friends,

We would like to tell you that we have enjoyed very much working together with you. It was great to share opinions and views with students from various countries. Talking about Olympic Games is always interesting and exciting. It was interesting to find out, that all over the world students observe the same things and they feel similar about the same topic. We have really enjoyed it and we have learnt a lot out of our participation. 

Best regards from the group of students and the teachers from Székely Károly Technical School from Romania.


OL28, Romania, National College Grigore Moisil

Goodbye Messages


Dear GTP,

It's been another wonderful journey through this project. We truly enjoyed learning about other countries history of sports, especially about the worldwide Olympic teams! We hope that we brought well our contribution to this research and we are looking forward to the next stage of the project...


Best wishes from National College Grigore Moisil, Bucharest, Romania.









OL29, Kenya, Chango Secondary School

Hi everyone in the GTP learning circles,

     It has been an interesting period sharing with the world on the coming Olympics to be held in July, 2012. Thank you all and we look forward to further collaboration ,interaction and sharing in the next learning circle. May the Almighty God bless all the coordinators, students and sponsors of  of this noble course. See you next time!!!!!!!




OL210, Madeconia Municipality Secondary Medical School

Goodbye Messages




OL211, Romania, Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu

Goodbye Messages


     So this is our last  message, these are the last words we say to each other.

     First of all we want to thank you for your patience and to apologize for our mistakes.

     You all should know that we appreciate your work and all you did during this project. Our time didn't let us work so hard for this project, and that's the only reason why our answers are short.

     We are sorry for this, hope you'll understand. We're sure your work deserve miere than that, but that was all we could do. Nevermind, we did it and new it's time to say goodbye to you. For same people whie we doesn't know anything about, you were all great.

     Thank you again!

     Never give up in learning English! You will never regret!

     With respect from Romania!




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