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3. Questions, February 27  - March 11 2012


Week 2-3
Each class formulates a question related to the Learning Circle theme, according to the criteria for a quality sponsored question.




OL21, South Africa, Hope School

Question:Many of us have the dream of one day representing our country in either the olympics or paralympics. We have found that historically in our country, olympic athletes are more recognized than paralympic athletics in more ways than one.

  • Could you elaborate equality of olympic athletes as opposed to that of the paralympic athletes in your country?
  • Could you give us facts and statistics to show that there is or isn't equality between able and disabled athletes in your country, for example with finance and also public support?

Are your disabled athletes as well-known as your able-bodied athletes, and if not, why are they not as well recognised?




OL22, Ghana, Morning Star School Limited


1. How did the Olympics came about and when?

2. What is the essence of the Olympics?

3. Is the Olympics games achieving its purpose?




OL23, Romania, National College Grigore Moisil

Question: When is the opening of the Olympic Games this year?Are you going to watch the games?

Where is the Olympic flame lit? What is its significance? How have the Games changed throughout time?

OL25, Ukraine, Schors District Gymnasium


  • What are the results of your country  for the period of all Olympic Games you country took part in?(You can tell us how many gold/silver/bronze medals your country has already won during the whole period of participation in Olympics;in which kinds of sports  your olympic team is the strongest,etc.)
  • Who is your favourite Olympic champion/sportsman?




OL27, Romania, Székely Károly Technical School




Here are our questions:

a) When did your country first participate at the Olympic Games?

b) Which are the most popular Olympic sports in your country?

c) Who are those sportsmen in your country who have won Olympic Prices? 

Best regards from group OL - 27



OL28, Romania, National College Grigore Moisil



Hi GTP! These are our question under the Olympic Games Topic:

a) How do you think the olympics are affecting the worldwide tourism?

b) How do you think that the olympics are involved in the progress of the athletes in your country?

c) Present us a parallel between the olympics nowadays and the olympics hold back then in the Ancient Greece.

d) Do you think that the olympics would affect the development of a country after hosting it?





OL29, Kenya, Chango Secondary School



What are some of the Olympics games that earn your country fame, medals and money? Describe briefly the policies put in place to spearhead the talented and the gifted in athletics and sports in your nation. Do you have talent and gifted schools with a formal curriculum?







OL210, Macedonia, Municipality Secondary Medical School


We know that the Olympic games are once in four years in different countries. We would like to know more informations about them, so we have few questions and we would like to have answers:


a. We are specially interested in the athletic and the best athletes of the Оympics. We would like to have the rank list of the best records of the last five Olympic games on the category - running on 100 m - men.
b.Where and when were the last five winter Olympic games?

Thanks :)






OL211, Romania, Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu


1) When and how Olympics appeared?

2) How many participation had your country, and which of them ended with medals for you?



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